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(2) "Pitts Special" airplanes that are put together 1red, 1blue.
(1) "Pitts Special" airplane still gray not assembled
Owner's Flight Manual for Pitts Special
(4)propellers by them selfs
(2)set wheels by them selfs
(3)Cat.No.29 82730 Canopy,landing gear, firewall,pair of wheels,prop spinner,hub&screw,engine mounting screws.
(4)glow head & gasket
(3)spring starter
(4)control handles
(3)new battery clip
(2)used battery clip
(2)new engines still packaged May '71 one with starter
(1)new engine with starter not packaged
(3)packages with 2 part #1030(says cyl-top,Carb nut, head)has roll of string and a wire that has circle at one end triangle at other.
(1)part #1030 by its self
(2) back fins
(1)8oz. metal container of "Custom Blend Model Car Fuel" Full
(2)8oz. metal container of "Model Airplane Glow Fuel" 1 Full, 1 1/3 Full
(1)2oz. Model Engine Fuel by Cox W/Metal Lid 1/3 full
(1)Baja Bug-Orange (tires not good)
(1)"SHRIKE' .049 Engine Powered Air Car With Engine and Manual
(1)Dune Buggy-Purple (Tires Fair)
(1)Extra Stiring Wheel W/Dash for Dune Buggy
Extra: Tail Lights, Head Lights, Lenses, Antena, Grill, Exaust pipe, Tire gear, stickers, Etc....
(1) Cox part #1530
(2)Fill Hoses
(1)new Bridle Hook and Cable Link
(2)Piston and rod
(1)PT-19 Flight Trainer With Manual
(3) assembleys that have pull cables 2 of them with Engines complete,1 that does not have cylinder but,Piston and rod assembly is there.
(2)Black Tote Boxs With "COX" Embossed on them.

I also have Two Rockets By Cox that Were Never Lunched

How to Order

1. All prices are in US funds.
2. Shiping and insurance are Extra.
3. We are not responsible for uninsured orders.
4. Prices are subject to change without notice.
5. Orders must be reserved before purchase.
6. Money orders only.
7. Most Orders are shipped same day Payment is recieved.
8. Please do not send Cash.
9. Allow 2-4 weeks delivery.